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Human Rights Trials in Peru

Alternate Title Juicios por Derechos Humanos; Juicios por violaciones a los Derechos Humanos en el Peru
Creator Human Rights Trials in Peru (Project)
Organization Type Other organization types
Organization Based In United States
Geographic Focus Peru
Subjects Transitional justice; Human rights (General)
Summary "The Human Rights Trials in Peru Project took shape in 2010 ... It aims to provide concrete and reliable information about the status of trial activity in Peru. It has produced a registry of active human rights cases, which is designed to serve as a resource and advocacy tool for lawyers, relatives, journalists, researchers and state prosecutors. It has also produced analysis of specific trials underway in the Peruvian justice system, as well as of the overal justice process. The project is directed by Dr. Jo-Marie Burt."
Languages Spanish; English