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Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies

Alternate Title Markaz Andalus li-Dirāsāt al-Tasāmuḥ wa-Munāhaḍat al-ʻUnf
Creator Markaz Andalus li-Dirāsāt al-Tasāmuḥ wa-Munāhaḍat al-ʻUnf
Organization Type Non-governmental organizations
Organization Based In Egypt
Geographic Focus Egypt
Subjects Conflict management; Youth; Civil rights; Human rights (General)
Summary The Andalus Institute (AITAS) is "an independent research institution that relies on the values of tolerance and citizenship, aiming at contributing to human development in Egyptian and Arabic societies, and on its way to achieving that, the institute confirms its commitment to 'declaration of principles on tolerance, proclaimed and signed by the member states of UNESCO on 16 November 1995 ' and all international declarations, covenants, treaties and bills pertaining to the subject of human rights issued by the UN or any of its sub-organizations." The target group is youth (both males and females) from the age of 15 to 35.
Languages English; Arabic